Undergraduate Education

As an incoming Junior at UC San Diego, I was initially in a rush to complete my two year journey towards completing an undergraduate degree. UC San Diego provided many opportunities to become engaged academically.

After completing my first quarter I was able to pursue an undergraduate research opportunity through PhD Ali Irturk. This experience led to my involvement in undergraduate research with PhD Ryan Kastner and PhD Candidate Christopher Barngrover over the next two years.

In addition to my research in Underwater Mine Detection, I 'clustered' in Artificial Intelligence and through this experience I was exposed to many different machine learning and statistical models. One of the most inspirational instructors at UC San Diego was Professor Lawrence Saul. His class on Artificial Intelligence: Search and Reasoning was by far one of the most challenging and educational experiences of my undergraduate career. This experience showed me how computers can be applied to real-world problems.

Although my undergraduate education extended well beyond the classroom; many of my instructors in college had a profound influence on my Computer Science career and direction. One notable professor was PhD Paul Kube who I had the pleasure of taking three different classes from as well as working under him as a tutor.

First Classes

Starting at Grossmont Community College in El Cajon, CA when I was sixteen years old. These classes with PhD Ronald Norman and Mike Qualls provided a welcoming introduction to many of the programming fundamentals I continue to apply today.

After completing these computer science courses, my interest and performance led me to be a tutor at Grossmont. This experience supported by the dean, Janet Gelb and lab manager, Donald Craine enabled me to gain a more thorough understanding of computer science and enabled me to be prepared for the more rigorous program at UC San Diego.

First Exposure

When I was an infant, I would watch my parents and older siblings interacting with the computer. I would see my parents writing documents for work and my brothers playing video games such as 'Doom'. Perhaps my favorite program was a crossword puzzle generator. My mother would generate crossword puzzles tailored to my academic interests. The crossword puzzle program became one of my favorite programs because of it's ability to combine words in an 'intelligent' way.

Throughout the remainder of my childhood, I took every opportunity I could to learn more about computers. When I was eight years old I received a computer as a gift from my parents. Over the next six years, I tore that computer apart many times and learned how to put it back together. Making small upgrades until the new machine bared little resemblance of the original machine I received on my eighth birthday.

My two favorite things; Computer Science Chipotle! There isn't a computer science problem that I haven't been able to figure out with a full Mr. Pipp and my crispy tacos!

BS Computer Science

UC San Diego (2011 to 2013) -

A student in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the Jacobs School of Engineering. This intensive academic program coupled with my participation in undergraduate research made my experience very rewarding.

Dept. # Course Description Instructor Academic Period
PHIL 164 Technology and Human Values Joyce Havstad 2013 Spring
CSE 141 Introduction to Computer Architecture Steven Swanson 2013 Spring
CSE 141L Project in Computer Architecture Steven Swanson 2013 Spring
CSE 199H CSE Honors Thesis Research for Undergraduates Chris Barngrover
Ryan Kastner
2013 Spring
CSE 101 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Andrew Kahng 2013 Winter
CSE 120 Principles of Operating Systems Joseph Pasquale 2013 Winter
CSE 140 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems Alex Orailoglu 2013 Winter
CSE 140L Digital Systems Laboratory Alex Orailoglu 2013 Winter
CSE 199H CSE Honors Thesis Research for Undergraduates Chris Barngrover
Ryan Kastner
2013 Winter
CSE 132A Database Systems Principles Victor Dan Vianu 2012 Fall
CSE 166 Image Processing Serge Belongie 2012 Fall
CSE 197 Field Study in Computer Science & Engineering Paul Kube 2012 Fall
POLI 100T Business and Politics Salvatore Nunnari 2012 Fall
USP 101 Introduction to Policy Analysis Nicole S Bonoff 2012 Spring
CSE 131 Compiler Construction Rick Ord 2012 Spring
CSE 151 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Statistical Approaches Kamalika Chaudhuri 2012 Spring
CSE 199 Independent Study Chris Barngrover
Ryan Kastner
2012 Spring
CSE 90 Undergraduate Seminar (Introduction to Advanced Tutor Training) Gary Gillespie 2012 Winter
CSE 130 Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms Sorin Lerner 2012 Winter
CSE 150 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Search and Reasoning Laurence K. Saul 2012 Winter
MATH 183 Statistical Methods Adam R. Bowers 2012 Winter
CSE 199 Independent Study Chris Barngrover
Ryan Kastner
2012 Winter
CSE 110 Software Engineering William E. Howden 2011 Fall
CSE 105 Introduction to Theory of Computation Daniele Micciancio 2011 Fall
CSE 100 Advanced Data Structures Paul Kube 2011 Fall
CSE 30 Computer Organization & Systems Programming Ali Irturk 2011 Summer
CSE 21 Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Paul L Ruvolo 2011 Summer
CSE 15L Software Tools and Techniques Laboratory Richard Ord 2011 Summer
CSE 12 Basic Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design Paul Kube 2011 Summer

AS Mathematics & AA University Studies

Grossmont College (2009 to 2011) -

Grossmont provided a very beneficial and cost-effective approach to my lower-division college education. Furthermore, it provided the opportunity to participate in a very diverse academic setting.

Dept. # Course Description Instructor Academic Period
MATH 284 Linear Algebra Raymond Funk 2011 Spring
MATH 285 Differential Equations Shirley Pereira 2011 Spring
ES 076B Intermediate Tennis Robert Rump 2011 Spring
COMM 120 Interpersonal Communication Thomas O'Rourke 2011 Spring
CA 169 Essential Skills / Culinary Arts Joe Orate 2011 Spring
PHIL 110 Introduction to General Philosophy William Hoaglin 2010 Fall
MATH 245 Discrete Mathematics Patrick Burrus 2010 Fall
ES 076A Beginning Tennis Robert Rump 2010 Fall
ENGL 124 Advanced Composition Qais Sako 2010 Fall
COMM 144 Comm. Studies: Race & Ethnicity Jade Solan 2010 Fall
MATH 281 Multivariable Calculus Michael Lines 2010 Summer
ANTH 130 Introduction to General Anthropology Charles Wallace 2010 Summer
POSC 121 Mechanics of Solids Brian Jennings 2010 Spring
PHYS 240 Electricity, Magnetism and Heat Ross Cohen 2010 Spring
MATH 299B Problem Solving Seminar Raymond Funk 2010 Spring
ENGL 120 College Composition and Reading Micah Berger 2010 Spring
ECON 120 Principles of Macroeconomics Scott McGann 2010 Spring
ART 100 Art Appreciation Sandra Wascher 2010 Spring
PHYS 140 Mechanics of Solids Stephenie Plante 2009 Fall
MATH 280 Intermediate Calculus Arturo Millan 2009 Fall
MATH 299B Problem Solving Seminar Raymond Funk 2009 Fall
ENGL 110 College Composition Micah Berger 2009 Fall
CSIS 294 Intermediate Java Programming and Fundamental Data Structures Mike Qualls 2009 Fall
POSC 120 Introduction to Politics and Political Analysis Brian Jennings 2009 Summer

Grade School

The Learning Choice Academy (2004 - 2009) -

I attended this school for 8th grade under the instruction of Leslie Emmons. When I entered high school I fell under the instruction of Jeff Follett. Between these two excellent educational partners, I was able to accomplish a variety of academic and non-academic goals. Goals which would not have been possible given a traditional education experience. I believe Jeff and Leslie enabled me to become the person I am today. In addition to my education through The Learning Choice Academy, my educational partners advised me to take classes at Grossmont College and Glendale Community College concurrently with my high school classes.

High-School Classes from Grossmont College
Dept. # Course Description Instructor Academic Period
MATH 180 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 Corey Manchester 2009 Spring
CSIS 293 Introduction to Java Programming Mike Qualls 2009 Spring
MATH 176 Precalculus: Functions and Graphs Arturo Millan 2008 Fall
CSIS 119 Program Design and Development Ronald Norman 2008 Fall
CSIS 110 Principles of Information Systems Ronald Norman 2007 Spring
MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra for Business, Math, Science and Engineering Lee Johnson 2006 Fall
High-School Classes from Glendale College
Dept. # Course Description Instructor Academic Period
CHEM 110 General Chemistry Judith Handley 2007 Fall
FREN 101 Beginning French Rob Liddiard 2007 Fall

Greater San Diego Academy (2002 - 2004)

Inspired by my friend, Hunter Owens, I decided to try a homeschooling program (referred to as an independent student program) through the Greater San Diego Academy. This school was located in Jamul, CA a few miles away from La Mesa, CA (my residence). I attended this school for 6th and 7th grade until my educational partner, Leslie Emmons (my teacher) decided to relocate.

Murdock Elementary (1995 - 2002)

Murdock Elementary School was by far one of the most enriching experiences of my childhood. While enrolled I had several very different and fantastic teachers. These instructors helped nurture the fundamental morals I believe in today; these included treating others the way you wanted to be treated. Lying among other poor behaviors were not accepted at this school.


The Grey Rabbit Preschool (1993 - 1995)

Grey Rabbit was an excellent pre-school. Although I remember very little about my experience there; I can say their care for me was exceptional. While I was a student at Grey Rabbit, the institution was vandalized. Although this didn't affect me physically, it did teach me that the world is full of people that are best to avoid.